2 Inch Jacked Stand by Micro Gainz Wooden Deadlift Jack, Used for Specialty Bars (Trap Bars, Hex Bars, Axel Bars etc.)

Micro Gainz

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Product Overview

2” Jacked Stand by Micro Gainz Features:

  • Made from 1 piece of Pennsylvania Hardwood that is sanded and varnished

  • Designed to lift 1 side of the 2” barbell, hex bar, trap bar, or any other 2” size bar for easy addition and removal of weight plates

  • Steel pipe for the handle with rubber grip on handle that screws into the wood base

  • Stands at 31” tall with pipe inserted

  • Tested on 500lbs on one side of the barbell

  • The last Deadlift Jack you will ever need!

**Please note that due to the nature of natural wood products there will be some variations in wood grain, knots tiny cracks etc in each individual piece. However these variations will not affect the functionality of the Jacked Stand.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review